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Premium Scaffold Solutions Void Protection

Void Protection

Void protection turns an upper level void into a working platform and catch platform. This enables tradesmen to work on, around or above the platform safely.

PSS Void Protection ensures workers are safe when working around unprotected stair voids.

PSS Void Protection ensures workers, such as employees, contractors, suppliers and customers, are safe when working around unprotected stair voids. Rated to carry a 225kg Load Limit, Void Protection ensures that a person cannot fall from above the void area, as well as into the void area. This system allows the area under the void to remain open and clear of scaffolding and comes with a secure ladder that is locked into place. This is the only 100% correct method of filling the void area and required by Workplace Services. PSS Void Protection can be tailored to suit any domestic, industrial sites.

• No compromise on product quality and safety
• Rapid response with no down time
• Occupational Health & Safety compliant
• Temporary stair void protection platforms are installed at frame stage allowing trades to work above the


PSS Stair Void protection platforms
• Rated to 225kg SWL
• Comply with Work Safe and Australian standard requirements
• Allow restricted access to upper floors
• Provide protection from falling objects from the upper floor.

Temporary void protection platforms protect all trades working on the upper storey of a domestic construction from falling down the void.